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RESPONSIBILITY SAFETY INSURANCE / HEALTH LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR “Travailleur désigné” AND Safety delegate from the public sector.
Implement your safety/health mission within your organization and feel confident.
Regulatory framework
The Luxembourg regulation regarding the workers health and safety required several measures to be implemented in private societies as well as in public administrations. As a consequence, according to the case law, the “travailleur désigné” or the security delegate in the public service has to undertake diverse different sort of responsibilities which will depend on the type of delegation of authority that he will get from his employer. In case of a workplace accident, the fact that the “travailleur désigné” can be called in court as a professional should not be neglected, as it is reminded just below:

The company’s director must ensure the management of his company. Thus, he has all the rights and he can naturally delegate a part of them, especially regarding security and health issues at work.
The company’s director is the only one criminally responsible in case of offence of the legislation applicable in terms of safety and healthy at work.
However, in case of delegation of power with an effective transfer, intentionally and public from the required authority including decision-making to designated employees provided with the ability, the authority and necessary means to achieve this task, the penal liability of the designated employees can be committed.

Lawyers at the Court
What are the benefits provided by the Responsibility Security Insurance?
The players of safety/health at work will profit from following advantages:
Free sessions for the new subscribers.

These sessions will be provided by security and safety professionals and they will enable a better understanding of the “travailleur désigné” role, rights and obligations.

  • General presentation on the topic health and safety in SSTL premises
  • A presentation about the employer responsibility, the employee's obligation, the “travailleur désigné” role, and the delegate public service safety role as well
  • Presentation about the operation of the Luxembourg registry

The legal protection insurance
  • Care of the incurring fees related to a legal procedure up to 50 000€
  • It is not necessary to transfer money in advance for the lawyer’s fees
A Luxembourgian registry:

This online register incorporates a combination of legal texts available for the insurance subscribers. This latter is updated every 3 months with a summary of all the changes done in each texts.

Your first legal safety and health legal appointment is free

In case of a workplace accident, the risk a of legal procedure is real. After a contentious situation or a legal question, the subscribers of the legal protection will have access to a first appointment with a lawyer specialized in these fields for free. (normal price for the appointment 250€)

Why is this important for my organization?
Safety and health players are crucial within the firm particularly for employees well-being, while the line of command must give them as much as possible tools to make them feel at ease in their functions and thus be able to work effectively.

The SST legal protection represents a pragmatic solutions set. It is completely adapted to the legal environment for the safety and health players, and we aim at supporting them in their missions in a pragmatic manner.
For a 395€ tax non included annual fee, you will benefit
from all the services included in the safety/healthy responsibility Insurance package:
  • - The legal protection insurance with care of the defense costs up to 50.000 euros
  • - A Luxembourgian registry with all the legal texts
  • - A first free visit in a safety/healthy specialized lawyer in case of legal proceeding
  • - Free sessions for new subscribers, for a better understanding of their functions and theirs rights and duties
How to subscribe to the legal SST protection?
In order to subscribe, you simply need to fill in the form below. The Weicker insurances office, the exclusive distributor of this product in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will contact you to finalize the procedure.

In order to subscribe, you simply need to fill in the form below. The Weicker insurances office, the exclusive distributor of this product in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will contact you to finalize the procedure.

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